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  • What is Fat Embolism?

    What is Fat Embolism?

    By Omar Tillo

    Fat embolism is one of the risks of fat transfer. It occurs when fatty tissue leaks into the blood vessels, travels through the bloodstream into the lungs which can cause blockage and death.

  • New Technologies Allow Superior Custom-made Silicone Implants

    New Technologies Allow Superior Custom-made Silicone Implants

    By Omar Tillo

    The correction of some common conditions affecting the body shape such as pectus excavatum (funnel or sunken chest), Poland syndrome, and severe calf asymmetries; requires bespoke implants designed and made to fit a specific and unique irregularity.

  • New Treatment for Cellulite

    New Treatment for Cellulite

    By Omar Tillo

    Cellulite is a very common condition that causes the surface of the skin to look dimpled and lumpy. A new promising treatment that combines two new radiofrequency devices has been and pioneered in the UK by Dr Omar Tillo at the Centre for Surgery.

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