Hand Rejuvenation. Why and how

Hand Rejuvenation. Why and how

by Omar Tillo

Hand Rejuvenation. Why and how

The hands, similar to the face, are always visible and very often show a “stigmata” of ageing that might be older than the person’s actual age. The most common signs of hand aging are skin thinning, visible veins and tendons, and skin pigmentation. The severity of these signs varies between individuals. Luckily, there are several invasive and non-invasive procedures that can reverse these signs and restore a smooth youthful appearance that compliment the face and the rest of the body.

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Hand Rejuvenation with fillers:

New dermal fillers have been developed and became recently available for the hand rejuvenation. These are injected in the back of the hand to restore the thickness of the skin and reduce the visibility of tendons and veins. The skin is anaesthetised (numbed) using topical cream and the procedure is performed in outpatient clinic. The process takes about one hour to do both hands. There might be some minimal bruising for a few days. The effect of these fillers is expected to last 12-18 months.

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Hand Rejuvenation with fat transfer:

In this procedure, a small amount of fat is harvested from the body, prepared and injected very finely under the skin of the back of hands. New advancements in macro and micro fat transfers allow the restoration of the subcutaneous tissue to reduce the visibility of tendons and veins. Nano fat transfer enhances the thickness of the skin to restore the smooth youthful appearance. The process takes about two hours to harvest then inject in both hands. This can be done under local anaesthetic (fully awake) in the operating room to respect full sterility and avoid infections. There will be some bruising on the hands and in the fat harvest area for one or two weeks. The effects of fat transfer should last for many years.

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Are there other treatments?

Several surgical and non-surgical procedures have evolved over the last few years to deal with specific aspects of hand aging.

  • Some skin-care products help in the daily maintenance of the health of the skin
  • Specific laser treatments target skin pigmentations or enhance collagen generation and skin quality
  • Radiofrequency skin treatments to tighten minor skin laxities
  • Surgical excision of severely lax skin
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How do I choose what is best for me?

Many patients find it confusing to decide what type of treatment they want. Many options are available and each deals with specific problems. Some are permanent solutions and others are temporary. During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will listen to your specific concerns, assess the changes on your hands then explaint the options that would deal with the specific concerns.


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