Instagram Bans Plastic Surgery Filters

Instagram Bans Plastic Surgery Filters

by Omar Tillo

Instagram Bans Plastic Surgery Filters

There has been recent increase in the popularity of filters that applied ‘Plastic Surgery’ effects to photos on social media. For example, lips or cheek enhancement and other modifications to the face and body shape.

Research showed that excessive use of social media has a negative impact on mental health and depression by inspiring feeling of inadequacy and anxiety. It is feared that filters that modify body figure might exacerbate these feelings and encourage vulnerable individuals seeking plastic and cosmetic procedures.

In recent evaluation of their policy, Instagram announced today the banning of filters that promotes plastic surgery. This received mixed reactions on social media. However, this was overwhelmingly positive by national and international Plastic Surgery societies and welcomed by responsible plastic surgeons whose main concern is patient physical and mental wellbeing.

Juvenis.London commends and applauds Instagram on their decision and wishes other social media platforms to follow suit.


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